Tuesday, October 28

My First Rubik's Cube Solve

My first attempt to solve a Rubik's cube and I couldn't be happier. I am no genius OK? I followed the algorithms correctly to put them back together. And it took me an hour or so to figure everything out. Back then I can only make one side and wouldn't bother attempting the rest of the cube. Now, A and I are hooked. He even bought his own cube so we can work together or compete. We also bought Hamy her own toy cube so she won't mess with ours. Now, I'm trying my best to memorize the algorithms so I can put them into use without the cheat sheet.

Why don't you try it? Boost your brain power with Rubik's cube exercise. I warn you it can get a little addictive.



tin2 said...

hi sis! may nakita akong mga 7 yr old kids na nag-guest sa umagang kay ganda na nagbubuo nyan! nakaka-amaze kse nagawa nla in less than a minute. ako nga di ko kaya yun. hehehe

Tina said...

Onga sis. I saw a lot of videos of kids solving the Rubik's in less than a minute. Galing galing!

Townii said...

nice best! matalino ka lang talaga. hahahaha

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