Monday, June 30

the "oomph" factor

Oh Lala!

Atong and I glammed Camerie up for a shoot. Actually, wala lang talaga kami magawa. Hehe. Since the weather was great and I was in the trigger happy mood, Atong came up with this idea to treat Camy to a photo shoot.

The subject was very photogenic and promising so I had no problem getting the right angle. Haha! Feel na feel ang pagging photographer. So there.

the sexy back

Monday, June 23

our hamster finally walks

At one year and one month Hamy finally stood and began to walk confidently. Ambilis ng pangyayari. We were watching the TV and then she got up and all of a sudden decided to walk. She went to our room and then slammed open the door like a cowboy in the swing doors of the Wild West saloon! Grabe I was so shocked I forgot to grab a camera. Tsk. Sayang I didn't capture the moment. I don't know what got into her but whatever it is, Dada and I were definitely happy and proud that she has achieved another milestone in life. More to go anak!

Came from a stroll with bestfriend Barney.

Friday, June 20

chinese long noodles

We dined out at Gloria Maris Alabang for a tri-celebration: Father's day and sibs Gigi and Niña's birthday. Unfortunately, we did not enjoy the food that much. With the loooong wait due to the 1 waiter to 20 customer ratio, who would? Ay terible. When the foods were served we were so hungry we could eat the waiter. Buti na lang hakaw and chicken feet were served a little early probably to keep us sane. Hay. I guess it would've been better if we watched Kung Fu Panda and binged on cheeseburger instead. We all had one conclusion after the unpleasant experience... enough of Chinese food!

Our version of the "Three [Famished] Monkeys".

Our little hungry hamster.

Sunday, June 15

and the superman award goes to...

Atongski the great! A super great and a super proud Dad, a super wonderful husband, a super friend, a super movie buddy and a super shopping companion, a super driver, a super errand boy, a super clown, a super generous financier and everything super that falls in between...

Thank you for your unconditional super love. I am so proud of what you have become.

Happy Father's day lub!

Saturday, June 14

time-out for mom

Oiled and sated, sipping my tea latte after a delicious aromatherapy massage. Pure bliss.

The night was young, Hubby's home and we got a new yaya, ergo a perfect opportunity for Mommy to sneak out. My SILs and I went to Westgate, had dinner at Conggo Grill and headed straight to The Spa for a treatment. Grabe I never thought I badly needed a back massage. I had lots of knots in my back probably because of all that baby lifting and carrying and it was heaven talaga when the masseuse worked her magic on it. As always, nakatulog ako halfway the session and woke up refreshed. We capped the night with a big mug of tea at Coffee Bean. You see I'm not a coffee person let alone a tea drinker but I super loved their tea latte.

I had a great time! I really should be doing this "ako naman moment" more often.

Monday, June 9

are you ready for a new do?

Whenever I see my hair in the mirror, I am dying to make a change. I had long hair for years. In fact, it hasn't been shorter than my shoulder since college. I took it as a sign that maybe it's time to shake things up and go for a big, bold cut. I wanted Katie Holmes' hair the minute I saw her cute chin-length bob but Atong abhor the thought of cutting my hair that short. He wanted my hair long exactly the reason why I kept it long for many years. With a determination of spartan, wala siyang choice but to drove me down to the nearest Jesi Mendez. And thank god I listened to myself this time. Cutting my hair short was a truly liberating feeling. It was like I went into therapy. No bad hair days for weeks -- Awesome!

To add to Hubby's misery, we go see "Sex And The City". I pictured him getting bored out of his wits and have frequent banyo breaks but to my surprise he's glued to the movie right to the very end! Hubby loved Samantha's craziness. Grabe we both enjoyed the movie!

Alright, take a look on my before and after. This is my best wash and wear hair by far.

Our Camy has been pimped, too! A new set of 20" mags... Go foxy!

I am absolutely loving our new do!

Sunday, June 1

the volo

Last weekend, we go pram shopping at MOA as a post-birthday gift to our little Hamy. We wanted an umbrella type that's lightweight, easy to fold away for transport and of course durable. One that will grow with her and be around for years. With these in mind, we found a perfect stroller... the Maclaren Volo.

With a 55 lb capacity, Hamy can happily use it for a long, long time. It's very compact and easy to fold and unfold, too. Oh and hallelujah to the easy to clean mesh seat... she pooped on her very first ride! Haha! No sweat we just wiped it clean. It also came with a raincover. Coolness!

But it's not an object of perfection. For one, it doesn't recline which is not really a biggie since she doesn't sleep that much in the stroller. The harness is hard to unbuckle (very hard for mommy!) and it has no cup holder. Despite the drawbacks my baby's loving it! We were actually eyeing the Scarlet pram but it was out of stock so we decided to get the Coffee Stripe instead. The colors give it a distinct look (red is everywhere!). So french!

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