Tuesday, October 28

10 Things That Made Me Happy On My Birthday

  1. The beautiful and loving family I am blessed to have in my life.
  2. The sweet birthday kiss I received from my little girl.
  3. The fabulous weather. The sky was so unbelievably blue!
  4. The gotto and crunchy tokwa't baboy I devoured for breakfast. Delish!
  5. The first lotto ticket I'd ever bought. It would be more fun if I won the lottery though.
  6. The big bunch of flowers from A. They were so beautiful.
  7. The dinner date at Le Souffle Rockwell with A. Great ambience and great food. A loved the succulent rib-eye steak and the Ciabatta bread and the grilled chicken and dessert I had were superb. The only thing that ruined the moment was the little roach roaming around our table. Thank God the roach decided to stroll before the first course was served or else I'll freak out. They had us of course moved to another table.
  8. The steaming cup of Morrocan mint tea after the heavy supper.
  9. The amazing feeling of being surrounded by books. We had a Fully Booked trip after the dinner. I was tempted to buy Sherry Argov's "Why Men Marry Bitches?". Not that I'm a bitch or anything. Well, okay define bitch. Hehe.
  10. The late night movie to cap it all off. We watched "Tropic Thunder" which is by far one of the funniest movies I had ever seen. I swear I had no clue it was Tom Cruise!


Townii said...

you look fab best. sabi nga ni karen, wala kang kupas. hahahhaa lubshuuu

mommybanker said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like it was a great one. =)

AEC said...

belated happy bday!

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