Monday, February 23

WS: Angel Sky

The clouds shaped like an angel's wing.

Wednesday, February 18

Beer for Bags Sale

This may be the craziest promo stunt I've ever seen.

From February 21 to 26th everyone (over 18) is invited to turn over beer and other food items to the Crumpler Store at Bonifacio High Street in exchange for free bags. In case you’re wondering what will happen to all the beer from the sale, Crumpler will serve them at a party on February 27th, 8pm at Warehouse 135a. One free bag gets you one ticket to the party.

Crumpler's Australian owners have been running the same kind of sale back in their homeland and also in their stores in New York and Toronto. It was such a sellout but will Pinoys bite the bait? I'll probably would if they have camera bags on sale.

For more details on how you can barter beer for bags, please go to

What's Up With BB G?

OMG. First, the he-woman shocked the world with these glamor shots.

And now this video. I'm seriously having a hard time understanding what's he's trying to say here.

WOW! What a big leap from this hunk. But I must say GOOD JOB BB! Change is good indeed.

*The photos were splashed all over Google. Credit to whoever posted them.

Monday, February 16

I'm Back!

Yep, I'm still alive! I just took a long break from blogging. I've been extremely busy the past few months.

Okay, let me go through some of the things that I haven't had time to write about:
  • Our New Year's resolutions. We had health and fitness on top of our list along with saving a bit more for the future pledge. My own personal resolution was to be more organized and I'm trying all my best to stay on track. A on the other hand said he'll quit smoking for good but then he keeps on putting it off. Well, he's not completely ready yet.
  • Our four-day trip to Bangkok. A and I went to Bangkok for a convention. We didn't get to tour outside BKK much to our dismay but we had a good time. We gorged ourselves on two things without guilt: food and shopping!
  • My very own DLSR. Finally! We bought a Canon 450D on our trip to BKK. I was originally leaning towards the Nikon D40x or the D60 but upon holding the 450D, I found it easier to navigate. It was a good buy, too! We got it 17% lower than its market price here. It also had a free 8GB memory card. And to top it all off, we went home with at least 2,000 baht worth of tax refund. Sweet deal. Oh, it has a name. A named it Muymuy. Hehe.
  • Our first time at Bag of Beans, Tagaytay. And here I thought it was just a small coffee corner. I heart the tenderness of their Roast Beef. The yummy gravy sauce went great with it. A loved their huge and tasty Porter House Steak.
  • Our second wedding anniversary. We didn't plan something big because we already had a pre-celebration thing at BKK. We just had dinner at Outback because A was craving for steaks again. We're supposed to go bar hopping after the dinner but A was a little under the weather so we decided to continue the celebration at home. We brought Cuervo Gold and Vodka Ice packs home and drink the night away!
  • My Hamy's first time at Enchanted Kingdom. It was super fun! My baby enjoyed all the rides. She even wanted to try Anchor's Away. We'll be back on summer.
  • Our first trip to the beach this year. We went to Canyon Cove (aka White Cove) to celebrate my father-in-law's 62nd birthday. I was surprised by the development. The place was awesome! I loved the big pool. The rooms were not in mint condition though which was a little surprising for something that went under reorganization but that's okay. It's still lovely.
So there. I welcome myself back!

WS: Sawatdee Kaa

The busy street of Bangkok

Worshippers of Ganesha The Elephant God

Thailand is abundant in flowers

The wonderful architecture of Suvarnabhumi Airport

Souvenir Gift

The beautiful lotus flower

Sunset at 35,000 feet

These are photos from our business trip to Bangkok. A and I had to attend a convention in BKK and we had the pleasure to stay in one of the most beautiful five-star hotels in Asia, the Centara Grand. Aside from the fact that buddhist shrines are everywhere, Thailand is abundant in flowers and fruits. I love Thai's magnificent architecture. Their temples, palaces, and even the airport are simply works of art. Sawatdee Kaa means Hello in Thai.

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