Monday, February 16

I'm Back!

Yep, I'm still alive! I just took a long break from blogging. I've been extremely busy the past few months.

Okay, let me go through some of the things that I haven't had time to write about:
  • Our New Year's resolutions. We had health and fitness on top of our list along with saving a bit more for the future pledge. My own personal resolution was to be more organized and I'm trying all my best to stay on track. A on the other hand said he'll quit smoking for good but then he keeps on putting it off. Well, he's not completely ready yet.
  • Our four-day trip to Bangkok. A and I went to Bangkok for a convention. We didn't get to tour outside BKK much to our dismay but we had a good time. We gorged ourselves on two things without guilt: food and shopping!
  • My very own DLSR. Finally! We bought a Canon 450D on our trip to BKK. I was originally leaning towards the Nikon D40x or the D60 but upon holding the 450D, I found it easier to navigate. It was a good buy, too! We got it 17% lower than its market price here. It also had a free 8GB memory card. And to top it all off, we went home with at least 2,000 baht worth of tax refund. Sweet deal. Oh, it has a name. A named it Muymuy. Hehe.
  • Our first time at Bag of Beans, Tagaytay. And here I thought it was just a small coffee corner. I heart the tenderness of their Roast Beef. The yummy gravy sauce went great with it. A loved their huge and tasty Porter House Steak.
  • Our second wedding anniversary. We didn't plan something big because we already had a pre-celebration thing at BKK. We just had dinner at Outback because A was craving for steaks again. We're supposed to go bar hopping after the dinner but A was a little under the weather so we decided to continue the celebration at home. We brought Cuervo Gold and Vodka Ice packs home and drink the night away!
  • My Hamy's first time at Enchanted Kingdom. It was super fun! My baby enjoyed all the rides. She even wanted to try Anchor's Away. We'll be back on summer.
  • Our first trip to the beach this year. We went to Canyon Cove (aka White Cove) to celebrate my father-in-law's 62nd birthday. I was surprised by the development. The place was awesome! I loved the big pool. The rooms were not in mint condition though which was a little surprising for something that went under reorganization but that's okay. It's still lovely.
So there. I welcome myself back!


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