Wednesday, February 18

Beer for Bags Sale

This may be the craziest promo stunt I've ever seen.

From February 21 to 26th everyone (over 18) is invited to turn over beer and other food items to the Crumpler Store at Bonifacio High Street in exchange for free bags. In case you’re wondering what will happen to all the beer from the sale, Crumpler will serve them at a party on February 27th, 8pm at Warehouse 135a. One free bag gets you one ticket to the party.

Crumpler's Australian owners have been running the same kind of sale back in their homeland and also in their stores in New York and Toronto. It was such a sellout but will Pinoys bite the bait? I'll probably would if they have camera bags on sale.

For more details on how you can barter beer for bags, please go to


iris said...

this certainly caught my attention :) so maybe it works. pero ayos na marketing ploy yan ha. very out of the box. di naman kaya sila lugi sa pinapamigay nila?

Tina said...

Maybe this is also how they say share their blessings. This has been an annual thing in NY, Toronto and Australia. Income loss siguro was not as bad as giving away a car.

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