Monday, February 16

WS: Sawatdee Kaa

The busy street of Bangkok

Worshippers of Ganesha The Elephant God

Thailand is abundant in flowers

The wonderful architecture of Suvarnabhumi Airport

Souvenir Gift

The beautiful lotus flower

Sunset at 35,000 feet

These are photos from our business trip to Bangkok. A and I had to attend a convention in BKK and we had the pleasure to stay in one of the most beautiful five-star hotels in Asia, the Centara Grand. Aside from the fact that buddhist shrines are everywhere, Thailand is abundant in flowers and fruits. I love Thai's magnificent architecture. Their temples, palaces, and even the airport are simply works of art. Sawatdee Kaa means Hello in Thai.


Kreez said...

wonderful pics! looks like you had a lot of fun. hubby and I have been wanting to go there for sometime now but it keeps on getting bumped by other destinations. hopefully we get to go very soon!

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