Tuesday, April 7

Honey, I Shrank The Crocs

This may sound strange but my Alice Crocs shrank about half a size smaller. I dismissed the idea that my shoe size got bigger because that's even crazier. I haven't worn it for a long time but it was just in a drawer together with my other shoes. It was the perfect size when I bought them from my SIL, what have gone wrong?

Apparently, it's not a weird thing at all. Crocs does shrink when exposed to high heat. A Google fact that will never be known to a Crocs owner had the shoes not shrink. Crocs website says extreme heat can cause warping, and that exposure to too much sun can cause them to fade but it never mentioned anything about shrinking.

I was about to call Customer Care to shoot a complain when I stumbled upon this article saying that shrunken Crocs can be unshrunk by washing them in hot water to loosen up the material and then immediately wear them for a while. There are also other ways such as putting them in a boiling water for less than a minute or throwing them in a clothes dryer with some towel for 2-3 minutes. These methods are said to be effective in loosening up the Crocs material which allows them to re-stretch when you put your foot into them and walk around in them immediately. If you want to ditch them to someone who is 2 size larger than yours, putting 2 or 3 of super thick socks before you slip your foot into them will do the trick. The hitch? Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, because different pair of Crocs are made from different batches of materials blah blah blah.

Oh well, there's no harm in trying. I'll give the "washing in hot water" method a try and will probably try the "putting on socks" thing on Hamy's Crocs to re-stretch it a little. It starting to get smaller on her hehe. And if none of these methods work, I swear I'll send the shrunken Crocs back to China.


AEC said...

same thing happened to my alice crocs. kainis no? so have you tried the un-shrinking? i havent' gotten to trying that method eh. wala pa naman plan to wear kasi ulit. ;)

carlamaldita said...

this is interesting. didn't know that they shrink pala

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