Friday, March 13

My iBook Gives Me the Creeps

It suddenly won't turn on. I know it's a dinosaur but I need it and it has all my files!

I was getting nervous every second. The battery was fully charged and it was even plugged in to the wall when it shutdown on me without warning. I switched it on but it won't power up. I removed the battery pack and put it back in, pressed the power button and was relieved when it started up. However, after a minute or so it went off again. I did the same steps and this time it was on for 30 minutes.

I went to the all mighty Google to search for an answer fast. I luckily found an article that has the same dilemma and it prompted me to reset the Power Management Unit (PMU). It sounds technical but really all you need to do is shut it down, hold Shift+Ctrl+Option and the power button simultaneously for 5 seconds and then power it up. It worked! Hallelujah.

For a minute there I thought my iBook was dying. I hope I have it completely fixed. If not, I wish it's not a logic board failure or else I'm dead. I heard it's frighfully expensive to have it fixed. Looks like I have to be extra careful with Dino from now on. Oh and yeah backup all the files every chance I get. Whew.


AEC said...

ako din, my powerbook has given me some scares. almost 4 yrs old na rin. like mga kernel panic or some beeping sounds. panic din ako! hehe. kaya i try to back up my most important files all the time. ;)

carlamaldita said...

ay ganyan din with my laptop..tinotopak paminsan minsan.


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