Saturday, April 18

Feels Like Insomnia

I'll be back to Boracay with A, the gang and the kids on May 14th until the 17th. We'll be flying through Seair and will be staying at The Tides, the same hotel I stayed the last time my friends and I went there. Hamy won't be coming with us much to my dismay. I think it would be really fun but A didn't like the idea of Hamy traveling that far. So, I didn't push it.

What can I say? I loved The Tides! I don't mind going back. I don't know about Seair though. We usually fly through Cebu Pacific or PAL so this would be our first. Seair came with this Tides peak season promo. It's pretty reasonable so we took it despite the travel arrangement. I hope we made the right decision.

Anyhoo, Best and I will attend this workshop on May 2, a five Saturday sessions on basic photography which makes the trip more exciting for me. The fact that I'll be able to shoot and practice the things I've learned from the workshop at one of the beautiful places on Earth is enough to give me insomnia! Oh gosh, I can't wait!


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