Wednesday, March 11

Farewell FM

Baby Grasshoppers by Francis Magalona

"Mga Kababayan" was the first cassette tape I bought and it was also the last. I remember I had my Uncle buy it for me since I was only 7 years old then. I had to save half of my allowance just to buy myself a copy and be part of the cool craze. Yes, I was a big fan back then. Come to think of it, I never stop being a fan. I still love his music.

Did you know he's also into photography? And man, he's one good shooter. He bagged two trophies for the Camera Club of the Philippines 2008 Annual Awards and the photo above was one of the winning shots.

Just like everybody else, I was completely shocked hearing about his death. I didn't know he was under a very critical condition. Did some research and turned out the overall cure rate for patients with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML) is likely lower about 20-45% survival rate.* According to news, he got the worst of its kind.

Reading his blog where he chronicled his battle with cancer was heart-rending. I admire his courage and determination. Despite all the pain he went through, he didn't lose hope and stayed positive all the way. He did fight a good battle.

Francis Magalona will surely be missed but he will always be remembered as his music and legacy lives on. I'm happy that he won't be in any more pain and suffering now that he's at home with his Master.

We offer our deepest sympathies and heartfelt condolences to the Magalona family. May you rest in peace FM.

*Source: Wikipedia


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