Thursday, August 28

the latest update

The much-awaited Eraserheads Reunion Concert is no longer free! In accordance to the law, DOH prohibited Marlboro/Philip Morris in sponsoring the event. Radiohead Media Solutions, Inc. handles the promotion now. Tickets are available at Ticketworld starting today and are priced at P800 (General Admission) and P1300 (Patron).

Same time. Same place.

This is actually a good news. I don't mind paying for the concert. It's better that way. At least may sistema na at may karapatan ka magdemand if something "unacceptable" came up. Eh pag libre, naku wala kang karapatang magreklamo!

But then, I'd rather be in Boracay! I'll be in "hibernation mode" starting tomorrow. I will be leaving in the morning and I'm trying all my best to pack light.


Sunday, August 24

mallōs scented flip-flops

Jenn Dessert Mocca (Berry Scent)
Image from Mallōs

Does scented flip-flop ring a bell? If it sounds alien to you, don't worry you're not alone. In my search of a perfect swimwear online, I stumbled across this website who designs scented flip flops with fragrances of berry, blossom, candy and dew. I know, right? I dropped by at SPF store in Town with two objectives: to hopefully find a swimwear on sale and to smell Mallōs myself. And true enough, it made scents! They smelled so yummy you want to gobble them up. Reminded me of my younger years when I swallowed an eraser because it smelled like strawberry. Hehe. I didn't try them though because I'd no plans of buying them in the first place. Just a curios cat.

I wonder how they come up with that idea. Is it made to provide solution for smelly feet or mainly for aesthetic reasons? Hmm...

Friday, August 22

boracay countdown

In 7 days, we'll be gallivanting around the Boracay Island. Wooohooo! After much deliberation, we've decided to stay at The Tides Hotel. In fact, we've booked their Exceptional Room just an hour ago. OMG. Dizizit I am so excited! The room looks very posh. Lovely.

The Exceptional Room
Image from The Tides Hotel Boracay
And just when I thought everything's going perfect, I got an email from Cebu Pacific saying that my departure time to Manila has been moved an hour late. The thing is, they wanted me to confirm without explaining the reason behind the change. I asked them why it was moved but no one even bothered to return my email. What the?! Now, that's customer service. I'll give them a ring tomorrow and they better come up with a good excuse or else... Erm, I don't know maybe I'll scream until their ears bleed? All I'm asking is a simple explanation that's it. No run around please.

On the lighter note, I had Mj downloaded the Hed Kandi Beach House 81 for me (it's ridiculous to download anything with my Smartbro-ken connection). I love the tracks in this compilation!! I can't contain my excitement despite the crappy news.

Eeeeeeek I can't sleep!!!

Saturday, August 9

rosaries for hannah

(L) Hannah at 11 months; (R) Hannah at 10 months, hooked up to a respirator.
Photos from Hannah Ysabelle's Bassinet
In the spirit of prosperity the lucky number eight brings, please make a place in your heart for HANNAH YSABELLE, a little angel who is born with a CONGENITAL CENTRAL HYPOVENTILATION SYNDROME (CCHS). CCHS is a rare and a lifetime condition where the central nervous system fails to control breathing while asleep. Hannah actually doesn't breathe at all when asleep.

When Hannah's barely a month old, the doctors had to put a tube on her throat that had to be attached to a ventilator/respirator to keep her breathing. After almost 9 months in the hospital, she finally went home with the same hole in her neck and a mechanical ventilator that her Mom and Dad rented for her. The rental costs an arm and a leg but they have no other option.

As a Mom, my heart aches at the sight of babies who suffer from any illnesses. But watching Hannah from the sidelines, amazed at how good she's holding up, awed by her bravery and her strength to fight back, I realized that she doesn't need our pity much less our tears. What she needs is prayers and any other help we can offer.

It would be really nice for Hannah to experience life outside home and do things other babies can do. So, Hannah's Mom and a friend is in a mission to raise a fund for her own portable respirator by selling exquisite handcrafted rosaries. If it's not too much to ask, let's help make Hannah's life a little easier. Please buy one of the rosaries and offer a prayer for her family.

If you are among those people who were touched by Hannah, you may visit her online store here (or go to the link above) to check more photos and stories of her and see what a beautiful baby she is and how she deserves to live a happy life like everybody else. She is God's little warrior but she needs more prayers and help from people with good heart to help her stay and fight the battle.

Friday, August 8

the mummy 3: tomb of uh-oh

It was disappointing to learn that Rachel Weisz pulled out from The Mummy 3. Some say she dumps it for Sin City 2 while others claim it's all because of bad script. Nevertheless, we went to watch it.

As expected, it didn't WOW any of us. First off all, it's weird to see Evy in Maria Bello's face. Second of all, I didn't buy the Father and Son crap. Anuba! Brendan Fraser doesn't look like a Father to a 27 year old son at all. Make-up didn't help to make him older, hello? Parang there's no effort to really cover his younger features. It was a bit freaky watching their Father and Son moment. Naman! They looked like drinking buddies for crying out loud. Ay nako. It's a dismay. There's too much computer graphics going on. Jet Li's role was a mess. Michelle Yeoh was a bit ho-hum. The Yetis made me double check to see if I'm on the right theater. Hay. Some parts were funny. I actually loved the fighting scene between Emperor Han(Li) and Zi Juan (Yeoh) and Rick's (Fraser) wisecracks still made me laugh but sad to say it was as poor as the second movie. Hell! It wasn't even a Mummy movie.

It's a pain to see how bad the third installment went. Buti na lang I had Moroccan Mint Tea (twice!) to compensate the torture.

Wednesday, August 6

sunny side up

At the farm

This is how our morning usually started. We get up early to keep track of the egg inventory. At kung may oras pa, we go to this small karinderia and eat goto and tokwa't baboy as breakfast. How simple can life be?

Our tasty breakfast!

Monday, August 4

hello boracay!

"The soul has an absolute, unforgiving need for regular excursions into enchantment. It requires them like the body needs food and the mind needs thought."

--Thomas Moore, 1996

Image from

Boracay with friends on the 30th... Woohoooooo! Mommy's making time for herself. She can't make it to the Eraserheads' concert but not a biggie. This Mommy would rather have a tan!

Saturday, August 2

the moroccan mint delight

What could be the perfect way to end a long day? A steaming cup of Moroccan Mint Tea. Hmm...

Friday, I went to this training at Madrigal Business Park which started at 9 am and ended at 4 pm. It's been raining all day and the whole time I've been dreaming of a nice hot cup of tea. Thank god Atong picked me up early or I have to walk in the rain to Town Center to slake the thirst.

*Sigh* Pure bliss.
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