Sunday, March 30

divi the great

esterday, we flew to Divisoria land after my 2-year hiatus as a shameless tawadera. I am a sucker of flea markets and I sorely missed them. Cheap quality find was gratifying. It's like stumbling upon jewels amidst chaos.

This time around I didn't shop for myself which is partly a lie. Hehe.

Went there with a main objective to buy toys and prizes for my Tia's luau party. But then I got myself two hot shirts, one summer dress and a hobo bag at 168 mall. Can't help it! It sure does feel good to find a great buy. Hehe.

We got the knickknacks at Bodega Sale. A real toy kingdom only hotter and dustier (I know bad picture). All toys imaginable big and small right in there. If you go for no-fisher price toys, this would be a great place for toy hoarding. We went home with 2 big big bags full! Got some hula hoops, jump ropes, blowing bubbles, water guns and the list goes on and on! Oh, did I mention a touch screen Tamagotchi? Really cool good find.

I enjoyed toy hoarding. If only this happened 20 years back, I'll be the happiest 7-year old toothy kid in the whole wide world!

Head home bone-tired but with a smile on our face. Thanks to my SIL for serving as a map. She knew Divi well by heart. And we shall return for more. Harhar!

Saturday, March 29

support earth hour

Alright so I was all giddy, happy, peppy, excited for summer only to find out that the humidity and heat was unforgivable. It was getting hotter and hotter every year! And now I was like will it ever rain?

Global warming is really started taking its toll on our weather. And it's no laughing matter. Understanding the effects of global warming on Earth is WHOA overwhelming. Polar ice caps melting, the spread of disease, more typhoons, droughts and heat waves not to mention the economic consequences scared the hell out of me. It threatens our health, natural resources and our children's future.

In less than an hour, some participating area in metro will shut down their lights and join the rest of the world for Earth hour - an event that will create awareness on climate change and prove that people around the world working together can make a difference in the growing fight against global warming.*

If an hour can make a difference then I must take part on it.

Lights off!

Earth Hour 2008 -

Tuesday, March 11

missing daddy

nervously walked from the hospital lobby to the ICU telling myself this all been a bad, bad dream. But when I saw daddy wrapped in white cloth from head to foot in his bed, I went numb.

It's been 7 years since.

It was a sad journey for our family. We tried to move on and stay strong with the nagging fear of losing one another. There were hardships but we went pass through it all. We are warriors just like mama. Nothing and no one can put us down. It's stamped in our DNA.

And I'm glad to say we are pretty much in good shape now. Every so often I can't help but think what would it be liked if daddy is still here with us. Would he be happy for us? Would he be happy for me? I think he will. He was stubborn but he had a soft heart. I know he will love Tia as much as he loves us. He'll be like any loving and doting lolos to their apos.

His life was not all peaches and cream. And I wish he was given a chance to live life longer. A life with less troubles and worries. But I know in my heart of hearts that he's in good hands. I constantly dream of him young and happy.

I know he lives a way better life beyond.

Miss you daddy.

Sunday, March 2

a day at the beach

We went to Munting Buhangin for a much-awaited beach break. The sun was shining, balmy and salty February breeze fills the air... a whole stretch of paradise. All is perfect but the cold ocean water! Brrr. So cold that our Tia went home with a running nose and I with tons of photos of course hehe.

We actually didn't plan this. It was just a spur of the moment thing. Since it's a sunday and holiday on a monday, we thought why not spend the rest of it at the beach and voila!

Fun part is, it's Tia's first time. She was so excited with the sand and the water that the minute we spritz sunblock all over her body and her feet touches the sand she went gaga over everything. If you could see her face it was animated with so much glee. Sometimes you can't help but envy the simple joy of child's happiness.

Despite the cold water, it was a blast. One of the best spur of the moments family thing so far for this year. Can't wait for our next beach adventure!
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